Bird Watching

For those willing to take the time, bird watching in the vicinity of the Derby Townsite can be very rewarding. Over 200 species have been observed.

Good birding spots around the townsite are:

  • The mangroves and mudflats of the jetty and boat ramp.
  • The wetlands created by the sewerage outlet south of the town. In 2001 water from the wetland was diverted to the golf course. This has resulted in a reduction of the size of the wetland and it has dried out on occasions. However, the sewage ponds and adjacent area still remain a good place to view many species.
  • The cemetery road along the marsh. and, for bush birds, the Joonjoo Botanical Trail.

Below is a list of birds sighted in these areas over a period of 14 years. Many on the list are migratory species and can only be seen from September to April.

Birding in the West Kimberley

Notable species that occur in the West Kimberley include the Black grasswren (Bachsten Creek are on the Munja Track), the Purple-crowned fairy wren (Mornington Station) , White-quilled rock pigeon and Grey shrike thrush (King Leopold Range) and the Red goshawk among others. The rangers at Bell Gorge/Silent Grove and at Windjana Gorge have bird lists for those areas.

Brown QuailRose-crowned Fruit Pigeon
Magpie GooseCommon Bronzewing
Plumed Whistle DuckFlock Bronzewing
Wandering Whistling DuckCrested Pigeon
Black SwanPeaceful Dove
Australian ShelduckDiamond Dove
Pacific Black DuckBar-shouldered Dove
Grey TealRed-tailed Black Cockatoo
Pink-eared DuckLittle Corella
Australasian GrebeRainbow Lorikeet
Australian PelicanVaried Lorikeet
White-faced HeronRed-winged Parrot
Little EgretBudgerigar Oriental Cuckoo
Eastern Reef EgretPallid Cuckoo
White-necked HeronBrush Cuckoo
Great-billed heronBlack-eared Cuckoo
Great EgretHorsefield Bronze Cuckoo
Intermediate EgretLittle Bronze Cuckoo
Cattle EgretCommon Koel
Striated HeronChannel-billed Cuckoo
Nankeen-night HeronPheasant Coucal
Glossy IbisSouthern Boobook
Australian White IbisBarn Owl
Straw-necked IbisTawny Frogmouth
Royal SpoonbillFork-tailed swift
Yellow-billed SpoonbillBlue winged Kookaburra
Black-necked StorkRed-backed Kingfisher
Black-shouldered KiteSacred Kingfisher
Black-Breasted BuzzardCollared Kingfisher
Square-tailed KiteRainbow Bee-eater
Black KiteDollarbird
Whistling KiteVariegated Fairy Wren
Brahminy KiteRed-backed Fairy Wren
White-bellied Sea EagleRed-browed Pardalote
Swamp HarrierStriated Pardalote
Brown GoshawkWeebill
Grey GoshawkDusky Gerygone
Collared SparrowhawkMangrove Gerygone
Wedgetailed EagleWhite-throated Gerygone
Little EagleSilver-crowned Friar Bird
Brown FalconLittle Friar Bird
Australian HobbyYellow-throated Miner
Grey FalconSinging Honeyeater
Black FalconWhite-gaped honeyeater
Peregrine FalconYellow-tinted Honeyeater
Nankeen KestrelBlack-chinned Honeyeater
BrolgaBrown Honeyeater
Buff-banded RailBar-breasted Honeyeater
Baillon’s CrakeRufous-throated Honeyeater
Spotless CrakeBanded Honeyeater
Australian Spotted CrakeRed-headed Honeyeater
White-Browed CrakeCrimson Chat
Chestnut RailYellow Chat
Purple SwamphenJacky Winter
Black-tailed Native-henLemon-bellied Flycatcher
Eurasian CootMangrove Robin
Australian BustardGrey-crowned Babbler
Swinhoe’s SnipeVaried Sittella
Black-tailed GodwitMangrove Golden Whistler
Bar-Tailed GodwitRufous Whistler
Little CurlewWhite-breasted Whistler
WhimbrelGrey Shrike-thrush
Eastern CurlewBroad-billed Flycatcher
Marsh SandpiperLeaden Flycatcher
Common GreenshankShining Flycatcher
Wood SandpiperRestless Flycatcher
Terek SandpiperMagpie-lark
Common SandpiperMangrove Fantail
Grey-tailed TatlerNorthern Fantail
Red KnotWillie Wagtail
Red-necked StintBlack-faced Cuckoo-shrike
Long-toed StintWhite-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
Pectoral SandpiperWhite-winged Triller
Sharp-tailed SandpiperOlive-backed Oriole
Broad-billed SandpiperWhite-breasted Woodswallow
Curlew SandpiperBlack-faced Woodswallow
RuffMasked Woodswallow
Black-winged StiltLittle Woodswallow
Red-necked AvocetPied Butcherbird
Pacific Golden PloverAustralian Magpie
Grey PloverTorresian Crow
Little-ringed PloverGreat Bowerbird
Red-capped PloverSinging Bushlark
Lesser Sand PloverRichard’s Pipit
Greater Sand PloverYellow wagtail
Oriental PloverBlack-backed wagtail
Black-fronted DotterelZebra Finch
Red-kneed DotterelDouble-barred Finch
Masked LapwingLong-tailed Finch
Oriental PratincoleStar Finch
Australian PratincoleMistletoebird
Silver GullBarn Swallow
Gull-billed ternWelcome Swallow
Caspian TernTree Martin
Whiskered TernFairy Martin
White-winged TernClamorous Reed-warbler
Rufous SonglarkLittle Grassbird
Brown SonglarkGolden-headed Cisticola
Yellow White eye 

For more information and maps on common bird watching areas please call in and see the friendly staff at the Derby Visitor Centre .

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