Sundowner Camel Tours

Sundowner Camel Tours on Cable Beach

Experience something a little bit special upon a camel as you tour with your friends and family along stunning Cable Beach. With views across to Gantheaume Point, as well as being able to be up high as you take in the glorious bay, this is something everyone will enjoy doing when visiting Broome and the east Kimberley.

Bring the children along for the fun and adventure, as a professional tour guide is with you the entire journey to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. With soft seat saddles to sit in, and the smell of the sea air along with those majestic views, this is most definitely the best way to see Cable Beach and all it’s beauty. Make sure you bring your camera along to capture the memories of your enjoyable time with Sundowner Camel Tours.

Catch the early morning breeze, the warmth of the afternoon or enjoy a Cable Beach sunset atop one of our friendly camels. Look for the Yellow blankets and join us.

* Pre-Sunset Ride

* Sunset Ride

NOTE: There is a weight limit of 90kg per participant for this activity

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