Over the Range Tyre and Mechanical Repairs

“Helping people survive” the Gibb River Road since 1999, Over the Range Tyre and Mechanical Repairs
depot is now based in the Phillips Range.
We are the only dedicated tyre and mechanical repair business on the Gibb, with a full-time mechanic,
licensed (MRB5152) to conduct a range of vehicle and tyre repairs.
You will find our depot 30km west of Mt Barnett Roadhouse, between Galvans and Adcock Gorges.
Services available:
• Well-stocked range of new and secondhand
• Tyre repairs and replacements
• Minor mechanical and welding repairs
Supplies available:
• Oils, Coolant and Degreasers
• Brake, Transmission Fluids
• Radiator Stop Leak/Bars Leak
• Batteries and Battery Terminals
• Jacks, Wheel Braces, Tyre Repair Kits
• Trailer Parts, including Wheel Bearings,
Springs, D-shackles,
• Anderson Plugs
Drop into our depot for helpful advice, have a look at our wet season photos and postcards or just say hello.

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