Dalmanyi (Bell Gorge) is located 219kms from Derby and then 29kms along the Silent Grove Road. Dalmanyi is reputed to be one of the most picturesque gorges int he West Kimberley. Camping is available at Dulundi Campground (10kms before the Gorge)

At the head of the Dulundi (Silent Grove) Valley, Bell Creek drops 150 metres into a gorge to form a waterfall that cascades over the layered sandstone rocks and continues north-west to join the Isdell River.
The base of the falls form a deep pool surrounded by ledges and sheltered by rocky walls that is a superb spot for swimming. If this popular site is too busy for your liking, you can also explore upstream.

Looking down into Dalmanyi (Bell Gorge)
Dalmanyi Falls (Bell Gorge Falls)


Dalmanyi is part of the Wunaamin-Miliwundi Ranges extend fro some 300 kilometres from Walcott Inlet, in the west to about 100kilolmetres from Halls Creek in the east. The ranges consist of long, rugged, spinifex covered rdiges and escarpments. Mount Ord at 947 metres above sea level and Mount Broome at 935 metres are the highest peaks in the range.


Frank Hann named Bell Creek “after Mr Bell of Derby”. In 2020 the gorge became known as Dalmanyi (formerly Bell Gorge). The Mount Hart pastoral lease, which encompasses Dalmanyi and Dulundi, was first taken up around 1919. Since then there have a succession pastoralists who went broke and walked off the lease because the land was too rugged and unsuitable for pasture.

In 1992 the then Department of Conservation and Land Management (now Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions) acquired the land to create the Conservation Park. The park, which covers over 392,000 hectares is situated approvximately 200kilometres from Derby via the Gibb River Road

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