Joon Joo Botanical Trail

Located 5 kms from the centre of Derby on the junction of the Derby-Broome Road and Worsley Road to the Speedway. Access off Worsley Road.

The three kilometre walking trail describes on plaques some of the plants and animals of the Wanganut Land System and how they were used by the Nyikina people. The interactions of plants , animals and insects throughout the cycles of the seasons is described.

Over 34 species of plants are identified. A small booklet is available from the Derby Visitor Centre listing species of animals, butterflies, birds, reptiles and plants that have been recorded in the Wanganut Reserve to date. This includes the Agile wallaby Macropus agilis, fifty species of birds, the Olive Python, King Brown snake and Gould’s Monitor or goanna and over seventy species of plants.

The Joon Joo trail is an easy walk but inclined to be sandy in the Dry Season and a bit boggy in places in the Wet season. Good walking shoes are recommended. Take insect repellent, sunscreen and water. The quiet walker will be well rewarded with glimpses of the local wildlife. Early morning and evening walks are recommended.

Joon Joo Botanical Trail

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