Community Markets

CWA Community Markets are held every Saturday from February to December.

Regular stalls include produce, food & drinks, plants and art & crafts.

CWA Saturday Markets
Clarendon Street (next door to Newsagency)

PO Box 459, Derby WA 6728
Phone: 08 9191 1021
Contact: Cynthia Smith 


In 1988 Mrs Margaret Heseltine of Udialla Station, a successful market gardener, was seeking a wider clientele to purchase her produce during the winter months.  Possibilities were discussed with friends and letters were sent to the Shire requesting permission to set up markets on Public Land.  Suggestions included the parking lot across from Rustys supermarket, the corner across the road from the Centrelink Offices, or land across the road from Kimberley Auto Parts.

The Shire refused to discuss the possibility of a Market Centre so that weekly markets could be held.  In view of the negative response from the Shire, Margaret Heseltine, who is a CWA Member, suggested that we use the CWA Cottage in Clarendon Street as a venue for the markets.  This was a good suggestion as the grounds are private property.  With the decision taken by the local CWA members, the first markets in Derby commenced during the winter of 1989.Initially there were two stalls - Margaret Heseltine with fresh vegetables, mostly tomatoes and spring onions and Margaret Thompson with pickles and jams.  The third stall into the markets was held by Betty Ring with things horticultural.  From this small beginning, the markets have progressed very slowly, and at times were depressingly dull.  Our next acquisition was a food stall, run by "Indy" who cooked the most fabulous Asian food. Her pork dishes were to "die for"

With thanks to the ladies of the Derby Women Share Group who gave us some good ideas and days of hard work, the markets have progressed to what they are today.  During the winter months we have a variety of stalls selling anything from massages to handcrafts, preserves to take-away Chinese or Pilipino food, second-hand books to a cup of tea or coffee and cake.

- Derby CWA, 2005


Country Womens Association of Australia is the largest womens organisation in the country. The CWAA serves in almost every small country town and community across Australia, with a total membership of 44,000 members from 1855 branches.

The CWA aims to improve the conditions for country women and children and tries to make life better for women and their families, especially those women living in rural and remote Australia.

CWA is self-funded, non party political and non-sectarian. The Associations opinion is sought in many arenas and its strong working relationship with governments in all States and the Territory shows a healthy respect for the "human face and grass roots perspective" which the C.W.A. of Australia has projected for 50 years.

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