Imintji Aboriginal Corporation

Location: King Leopold Ranges, Derby WA 6728

Imintji means “the place to sit down” in Ngarinyin language. It was an outstation that developed as a community with the involvement of Ngarinyin men in surrounding pastoral operations (Mt. House, Mt. Hart and Mt. Barnett cattle stations).


Barbeque shelter Ablution Hot Showers

Camping fees to be paid at Imintji Community Store or Imintji Community Office Ph. (store) 0891917227 (office) 0891917699 Email (store) or (Admin)

Imintji Community Store: From June 2nd opening hours 8am to 5pm Diesel Fuel only Basic staples,Coffee and Drinks (will eventually start take away food in June)

Art Centre: Opening hours 10am to 4pm open to all tourist

Hours: 8am to 5pm