Dogs in National Parks

Travellers who wish to travel on the Gibb River Road with their pets need to be aware that all of the land along the Gibb River Road is owned, leased and managed by someone.  Much is subject to pastoral lease and some belongs to Aboriginal Communities.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife manage the National Parks, Conservation Parks and Nature Reserves, and that all State Forest and most National Parks are baited four or more times a year and must be considered dangerous areas for pet dogs and cats, this includes land on both sides of the Gibb River Road where baiting is carried out by some pastoralists and Indigenous communities.  National Parks are conservation reserves, which are set aside and managed for the purpose of preserving for all time, and for all generations, areas having superior qualities including:

  • Scenic beauty and grandeur
  • Unusual landscapes
  • Representative elements of native plants and animals;
  • Places of scientific importance.

The National Parks Authority in association with National Park Services in Australia, has implemented the policy of not allowing dogs (even when on a leash or enclosed in a vehicle) into national parks.

Whilst there are limited places where you can stay with your pet along the Gibb River Road, it is strongly advised that you leave your pets at home.


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