Overnight Stays

If you would like to spoil yourself for one night then take advantage of an overnight stay on a vessel moored just 300 metres from the Horizontal Waterfalls. Travel from  Derby in a seaplane, flying low over some of the most spectacular landscape the Kimberley has to offer, including Stokes Bay, Cone Bay and the McLarty Ranges enroute to Talbot Bay deep in the Buccaneer Archipelago.

After a landing on the waters of Talbot Bay you will experience the raw power of the Horizontal Waterfalls aboard an open-water surveyed vessel. As many people have said "It’s one thing to see this natural wonder from the air, but to physically be there is something else."

After riding through the Horizontal Waterfalls, relax aboard your air-conditioned overnight vessel whilst enjoying the unsurpassed views of rugged ranges and pristine waters. Next morning, after a hearty breakfast, a seaplane will be waiting to fly you back to Derby.

Boat trip 3